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 Spring & Summer 2008 


Long Beach Kite festival

Took a long weekend and drove down to the coast for the kite festival...    



4th of July at John & Sally's on Lake Union...  

There's nothing like a front row seat to one of the largest fireworks shows in the Northwest.  
I took my kayak this year and spent a couple hours paddling around in the maze of boats coming in to view the show.   What a zoo.  



Spotted something that looked out of place on the bluff above Ebey's Landing...  

A cactus in Western Washington?  Sounds weird but it's not really out of place at all...  Whidbey Island is in the rain shadow of the Olympic mountains and this area near Coupeville receives an average of only 18 to 20 inches (460 to 510 mm) of rain per year.  Prickly-Pear cactus actually grow here and you can find them in several spots on the bluff between Ebby's landing and Partridge Point.



I did a double take when I drove by Jeff and Scott starting work on restoring the old Dodge building in Clinton...

Reminded me of the Mario Brothers - Donkey Kong game...  All this needs is someone to stand on top in a gorilla suit.  



Happy Birthday, www !    

15 years ago today the world wide web protocols were released, for free, by CERN.  

I guess the age explains allot... It's still a teenager.  

Click here for more info...  



We decided to take a break from chores and took a walk up to the "erratic" in Saratoga Woods. Dropped off long ago by a retreating glacier (technically the Puget Lobe of the Cordillerian Ice sheet) this house size bolder is nestled in the middle of the woods just a few miles from home.

The only way I could get the whole thing in frame was to use a 16mm fish-eye lens. I would love to have this rock in the backyard... If it would only fit.



At home talking to brother Jon on Skype.  He's about to head out to lead the afternoon Fiery Furnace hike for the park service.  He leads this trip a couple times a week during the peak season.  Here's a picture one of the tourists sent him...  Jon is in the middle giving his presentation to the hikers in Fiery Canyon...  

Fiery Furnace Canyon - Photo by Hans & Trudy Kosmer
More of their photos are here



We met Max for lunch and after the obligatory trip to the store to stock him up with food, said goodbye and headed east on 90 for the trip home.    Stopped in Roslyn just for a quick look...

Roslyn is still the same old place.  Not much change in town but there's a lot of development in the surrounding area.  The one thing they do have is a good brewery!  The old radio station prop from the series Northern Exposure is still set up on the main street... The turn table, records and Mic all look like it did from when they filmed the last episode...  The town wouldn't be the same without the Roslyn Cafe and The Brick...

Topped off the day having Dinner with Esther in Redmond and caught the 8:30 PM ferry for home.  



We spent a couple more hours in Leavenworth.  Found an interesting shop called Jubilee Global Gifts founded and managed by John & Mary Schramm.  The shop was founded 13 years ago and as a member of the Fair Trade Federation deals in art and hand crafted goods from developing countries around the world.  All the proceeds from the shop go to several organizations in the area including Habitat for humanity.  There are several volunteers that run the store, but John & Mary are there 90 percent of the time. The building owner has donated the space for 13 years - quite a generous donation.  The shop is on the second floor so I have to wonder how many people make the climb to check it out.  The sign on the door frame says it all...  " Come on Up - The exercise is good for you."

After a quick lunch we headed over Blewit Pass on 97 and stopped in the town of Liberty. Liberty was almost a ghost town the last time I was here in the late 70's.  It looks like it has some new life, but with a lot of old mining junk.  

              Why does a Pug cross the road...?  

To check out the Beaver dam on the other side...  
The beavers were working on the tree in the center photo - when it comes down it will probably block the main road...  

Arrived late afternoon in Ellensburg...   Max finished classes about 4:30 and we met Max and Bridget for dinner, then took a walk around campus.




Ellen is on Spring break this week so we decided to get off the rock for a couple days and headed over Highway 2 to Leavenworth with the Pug.  The trip over Stevens pass was un-eventful but man there is still a bunch of snow at the ski area (which is scheduled to close for the season on Sunday...). There's enough snow to run for another month at least...


If you go to Leavenworth anytime soon be prepared for dusty streets and lots of construction noise because they have a couple of the main streets torn up with heavy equipment flying around everywhere.  If the wind is blowing there's plenty of dust; everything is pretty dirty.  Parking was also interesting even on a Thursday...  


I imagine the merchants aren't real happy but I took a look at the new "master plan" for the city and it looks pretty co
ol... Still way too many dried flower and shit shops for my taste but looks like it will be quite an improvement and a bit more upscale.


I will say there is plenty of wine in this town but what happened to the Brewery?  


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